Why Teach for America Can’t Recruit in my Classroom

Why Teach for America Can’t Recruit in my Classroom

From the article:

Enraged, I did a little research and found that Teach For America had accepted only four of the nearly 100 Fordham students who applied.  I become even angrier when I read in The New York Times that TFA had accepted 44 of 100 applicants from Yale that year.  Something was really wrong if an organization which wanted to serve low-income communities rejected nearly every applicant from Fordham, students who came from those very communities, and accepted nearly half of the applicants from an Ivy League school where very few of the students, even students of color, come from working-class or poor families.

Never, in its recruiting literature, has Teach For America described teaching as the most valuable professional choice that an idealistic, socially conscious person can make.  Nor do they encourage the brightest students to make teaching their permanent career; indeed, the organization goes out of its way to make joining TFA seem a like a great pathway to success in other, higher-paying professions.


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