Survey Says: Education is the Key to Strong Communitites

Survey Says: Education is the Key to Strong Communitites

Mostly focuses on schools in DC but interesting article about people rating their communities on a four point scale. Interesting to think about the fact it refers to local schools (whereas we have many charter schools, mainly not neighborhood based, trying to accomplish the same purpose). 

From the article: 

These results are particularly important because DC residents ranked child safety and strong local schools as the two most important assets for a successful community. It’s encouraging, that despite lingering economic uncertainty, Americans are focusing on education as a pathway to building a stronger community.

D.C. residents are also concerned that inequality is having damaging effects on the community. Four in five (80 percent) local respondents said there is an “Education Achievement Gap” in D.C. based on family income, status or wealth, and 83 percent say that gap is having a negative impact on young people’s chances of succeeding.


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