General Strike USA Blog

General Strike USA Blog

super powerful post of photos and info about the incarceration of our nation’s children. 

bah Louisiana is so upsetting. 


Teach For America Wins Big in Debt Deal

Teach For America Wins Big in Debt Deal

Sneaky sneaky language in legislation coming out of the government shut down. 

If you flip to page 20 of the bill passed by the House, you’ll find it says:

SEC. 145. Subsection (b) of section 163 of Public 5 Law 111-242, as amended, is further amended by striking 6 ”2013-2014” and inserting ”2015-2016”.

Which in layman’s terms basically states that the debt deal extended legislation for two more years that allows the phrase “highly qualified teachers” to incorporate students that are still in the midst of teacher training programs. For Teach For America that means that recruits required to go through five weeks of summer training after moving their tassel from right to left can still help out in the neediest schools across America.