Anti-Bullying Resources from Jolon McNeil, JJPL

from an email I received earlier this week from Jolon, who is one of my school to prison pipeline mentors and a constant supporter of our kids and their right to education. 

East Baton Rouge shared their website and their online training modules. I am not endorsing it, as I haven’t really seen them in action, but I thought that it may generate some ideas for those of you still in schools. Some of the stuff is password protected though.


I’m attaching some handouts from the meeting from a middle school principal in Ascension Parish. It includes “Are you a cyberbully” test for students, a UNITY day event (focusing on bullying prevention– information and picture and their school newsletter that has included their PBIS efforts in it. Also in this attachment is something called a “Safety Plan” that St. Tammany uses with students and parents.


The principal of another school in Ascension Parish mentioned an effort called Friends of Rachel . This effort is focused on spreading acts of kindness- so giving students an alternative to bullying.


The other things that came up in the presentations that worked for schools:

  • anonymous reporting for students who 
    witness or hear of bullying
  • students on duty with teachers in “hot 
    spot” areas
  • skills training for students, including 
    assertiveness training and empathy workshops
  • student involvement in setting behavior 

An attorney that works on the East Baton Rouge district who helps to train the district gave the 4 components to an effective training on bullying prevention/identification: definitions, pertinent digestible research, trends in the school, reporting procedures/requirements. He also shared a simpler definition for bullying: “harmful behavior that is repeated, intentional and involves a power-imbalance.”



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