Spiral Dynamics

I recently attended this event and am interested in learning more about this spiral dynamics framework. Quite enjoyed the theoretical stretch of such a complex model and learning from Don Beck’s experience and study of psychology. 

Summary of the event: The Tulane University School of Social Work is proud to present a special workshop with Dr. Don E. Beck entitled “Navigating Complex Challenges with Insight and Skill: An Introduction to Spiral Dynamics Integral.” It will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 22 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Tulane School of Social Work Building, Room 103. The event is free and open to the public, but social workers can earn 2.5 CEUs for a $10 fee. In order to receive those CEUs, please complete the registration form below and bring a $10 check (payable to Tulane School of Social Work) with you on the day of the program.

It has become a common insight that one cannot change whole systems through tinkering with its parts. At the same time, there are very few models available that are simultaneously comprehensive and user-friendly enough to help leaders deal successfully with the challenges of systemic change.

Dr. Don Beck will present how New Orleans can navigate the challenges of recovery, rebuilding, and regenerating the City of New Orleans by applying Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) framework.  This SDi framework offers a fresh, powerful approach to problem-solving, social change and large scale systemic transformation. It is one the most researched psychological frameworks of the 21st century in traditional academic research within systems theory, evolutionary psychology, as well as mind-brain explorations. 

SDi offers insight into clearly identifiable manifestations of the social value systems which exist across today’s world, and how these living systems arise and evolve in both healthy and unhealthy expressions.  Attendees will gain insight into the nature of change and understand why conflicts and social ills still exist in New Orleans after years of effort to resolve them.  You will learn how this large-scale systems framework can align people, processes and purpose in order to facilitate healthy change and social evolution through natural design. For more information about the SDi, visit www.shiftneworleans.org and click on Spiral Dynamics.

Link to the first chapter of Don Beck and Cowen’s book on Spiral Dynamics: http://www.spiraldynamics.com/book/Chapter1.html


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