CM of color on valuing community and diversity in TFA




from the article: 

The U.S. Education Department will now recognize the marriages of same-sex couples for the purposes of distributing federal financial aid, officials announced Friday.

The policy change is the result of the Supreme Court’s decision in June that invalidated part of a federal law, the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibited agencies from recognizing same-sex marriages.

Under the new rules, the federal government will treat gay couples who are married in a state or country recognizing same-sex marriage the same as their heterosexual counterparts regardless of where the couple resides or where the aid will be used. The standards apply both to independent students seeking aid as well as the parents of dependent students.” 

Called To Coach

Called To Coach

You can watch old episodes of Called To Coach on Gallup’s website (also subscribe to the webinars in realtime). Great reflections on leadership style and using your strenghts as well as recognizing them in others. 

I really enjoyed reflecting on my strenghts after completing the Gallup Strengths’ Finder (if you’re in TFA, you can get a code from TFANet for free!) 

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