CRT Group Pre-Work for Meeting 1

looking forward to being a part of this group this year! we all have so much possible growth in this area. 

Pre-Work For First Meeting 

1.         Read Our Conceptual Understanding – (15 min.)
2.         Peruse materials from Hoang Pham’s Classroom – (20 min.)
3.         Watch Ryan Melvin’s Interview for Sue Lehmann – (5 min.)
4.         Watch Lawrence Tan’s Video from Teaching Tolerance – (5 min.)
5.         Reflect on the Following Questions (15 min.)
a.         What are the major similarities and differences between Hoang, Ryan, and Lawrence?
b.         Where do you see each teacher on his own personal journey towards cultural responsive teaching?
c.         Where does this compare to where you are in your own journey?


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