New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute

New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute

I aspire to someday be cool and respected enough to join this! 

From the beginning, those who envisioned the NORL program knew they wanted it to be engaging, motivating and thought provoking while enjoyable at the same time. Each session begins and ends with an intense two-day retreat that takes the participants through a series of exercises and enlightening segments designed to get people talking and thing in new ways.

The original program designers determined that the broad elements of the leadership program would focus on:

  • Community Education: Educating participants about the community’s characteristics, culture, systems, opportunities, needs and issues.
  • Skill Enhancement: Developing participants’ skills in the areas such as collaboration, negotiation, coalition building, deeper understanding of self and others.
  • Trusteeship/Leadership: Fostering a deep appreciation of the moral dimension of community leadership; the fundamental meaning of holding the community “in trust.”

NORLI participants get an unparalleled opportunity to meet with the region’s leaders and experts during their one-year experience. The year begins with a two-day opening retreat, followed by seven educational sessions held throughout the 10-parish area. Participants hear from the area’s leaders on a number of important topics from education to crime to the environment. It is a unique and fascinating “classroom” that provides insights about the important issues facing our community.

This is not just a lecture format. Every session includes presentations, panels, and interactive hands on exercises to get participants thinking and working on solutions to the problems and challenges about which they are learning.


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