The 50 Best Books of All Time

The 50 Best Books of All Time

key non-fiction titles as curated by Tom Vander Ark 


“Teached” film series by Kelly Amis

“Teached” film series by Kelly Amis

I got to meet Kelly Amis last week at a screening of one of her short films (and got to hear Howard Fuller speak!) and have found them to be very engaging and well put together. Please share! 

Where you can watch the films for FREE (

Two Economists on School Reform: We Know (A Few) Things That Work

Two Economists on School Reform: We Know (A Few) Things That Work

from the article: 

“Rather, they argue, the building blocks of a solution are found in (1) nurturing the Common Core curriculum standards and developing curricula and teacher training to meeting them, (2) providing consistent coaching, training and financial support to teachers and schools with lots of low-income students, (3) creating an atmosphere in which teachers and school leaders have a deep-seated responsibility to their colleagues for educating every student, (4) harnessing the latest research, such as evidence that lousy vocabularies block low-income pupils from understanding textbooks, and (5) outside of school, supporting low-income families with programs like Wisconsin’s New Hope experiment that supplemented paychecks of low-wage workers with cash, health-insurance subsidies and advice.”

Teach For America Launches Special Education and Ability Initiative to Strengthen Corps of Special Education Teachers

Teach For America Launches Special Education and Ability Initiative to Strengthen Corps of Special Education Teachers

This is a good start but I’m wondering how long it will take to get all the way down to the teacher level. We need wayyy more SPED support; I can say here in New Orleans there are probably more TFA teachers teaching students with some SPED label than there are ones who aren’t teaching those students. 

Resources on Gentrification

from a member of SURJ about a few cities across the nation


So there is Seattle Race and Social Justice initiative – in city gov’t – they recently started a roundtable with reps from key sectors – focused on education but housing is in the mix – info should be on the website – and obviously  Scott can help you with details.  I know Seattle magazine just did a piece on gentrification – haven’t had a chance to read it yet so unsure of the analysis but it may give you some leads of other organizations doing the work in Seattle.


Marisela Gomez – has been doing some great work here in Baltimore –  she had a conference up here last year and kept people engaged. Some of the BRJA folks have been involved – Dottye knows her well and helped with the conference –  fyi a paperback version of her book is coming out soon . . .


In St. Louis – long time ago – we actually recruited some of the diversity leads at different local companies to go through a dismantling racism six day residential institute –  then we gathered the corporate diversity folks together for regular monthly meetings – each of the Institute participants were taking their internal work deeper and they had a new language to share  and they helped us by bringing more people to the table  – some who ended up going through the institute – and there was some informal peer coaching on how to address different issues within the organization. . . . not major strides but we began to build a community of folks – who applied some peer pressure and triage . . . after I left St. Louis – it just met for about year or so later and most of the core folks went on to greener pastures….


There is a film about gentrification – Columbus OH – mostly gay white males moving into an African American Cmty – it helps to bring up some issues for a discussion. 

Here are a few items – haven’t looked at awhile so not sure what will be relevant – some attached


I would check out Right to the city work – here is an overview –


There are resources on RET – Manuel Pastor’s work and Meizhu Liu’s work – look under economic security – and there is a section on housing too


Elaine Gross’ work – EraseRacism – they did some great work on housing – here is their initial report and were able to move the counties on two policies in long island –


Restorative Approaches Resources

not super complete but I’ve had so much trouble finding some or getting them from orgs that these may be helpful! thanks to pb!


This site also has a “free resources” tab that I signed up for and you can get more materials/PDs/information regarding how to approach restorative justice circles.



This British site also has an overview as well as some links to resources and books for purchase at the bottom. My hunch is that the “real deal” information (i.e., steps in the restorative conference, practice guidelines, etc.) are in the books :/