Resources on Gentrification

from a member of SURJ about a few cities across the nation


So there is Seattle Race and Social Justice initiative – in city gov’t – they recently started a roundtable with reps from key sectors – focused on education but housing is in the mix – info should be on the website – and obviously  Scott can help you with details.  I know Seattle magazine just did a piece on gentrification – haven’t had a chance to read it yet so unsure of the analysis but it may give you some leads of other organizations doing the work in Seattle.


Marisela Gomez – has been doing some great work here in Baltimore –  she had a conference up here last year and kept people engaged. Some of the BRJA folks have been involved – Dottye knows her well and helped with the conference –  fyi a paperback version of her book is coming out soon . . .


In St. Louis – long time ago – we actually recruited some of the diversity leads at different local companies to go through a dismantling racism six day residential institute –  then we gathered the corporate diversity folks together for regular monthly meetings – each of the Institute participants were taking their internal work deeper and they had a new language to share  and they helped us by bringing more people to the table  – some who ended up going through the institute – and there was some informal peer coaching on how to address different issues within the organization. . . . not major strides but we began to build a community of folks – who applied some peer pressure and triage . . . after I left St. Louis – it just met for about year or so later and most of the core folks went on to greener pastures….


There is a film about gentrification – Columbus OH – mostly gay white males moving into an African American Cmty – it helps to bring up some issues for a discussion. 

Here are a few items – haven’t looked at awhile so not sure what will be relevant – some attached


I would check out Right to the city work – here is an overview –


There are resources on RET – Manuel Pastor’s work and Meizhu Liu’s work – look under economic security – and there is a section on housing too


Elaine Gross’ work – EraseRacism – they did some great work on housing – here is their initial report and were able to move the counties on two policies in long island –



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